Can you pay my bills? (rant)

I was browsing Facebook and ran across this status:

“If you don’t pay bills, don’t refer to yourself as a man. Point blank period” 

 uh listen, I get completely women who want a man to provide and take care of the house. HOWWWWEVER, I do think that means more than just paying bills. Just paying bills doesn’t make him more of a man than you popping out babies, making that nasty food and half cleaning the house, you a woman. Are these YOUR bills? If there are any able bodies who are running up those bills you should be held to some sort of responsibility. Don’t blame those kids cause no one told you to have them. Now what happens if a burglar comes in your house? Is he excused then? Because you just wanted him to pay for the stuff not care & protect it.

Fellas, if you find you are in the presence of a woman solely fixed on you paying bills, back away, that bird is not out to get your heart, she’s looking for help. If all you’re looking to a man for is someone to pay those bills, expect to be treated as such, all of the extra you were looking for will need to be found elsewhere, and expect him to do the same, which shouldn’t be an issue cause all you wanted was money. Now occasionally you will have to pay the ass tax, no he is not paying those bills out of the goodness of his heart, you didn’t want that remember so you’ve gotta do something strange for that change, yes fellas, technically you are paying for the booty.

I’m always curious though, what exactly are you doing, If he is paying all the bills? Why is the standard of a man based solely on his paycheck?


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