Since you must ask…

Ever had someone bring up a person or subject you REALLY don’t care to discuss…? Short answers, don’t look at them and simply walk away when possible.


*blink* *blink*

Name one married superhero. Exactly.

Jesus was single. Would you be bugging him?

Because no company is better than bad company.

Are you trying to convince me you’re trustworthy when you’re in someone else’s business?

Not sure if you care about me, or just being nosy…

Just when I think about lifting the domestic violence case against them you remind me of the horror.

repeat the question: “are you asking me why I left a situation I felt was bad/toxic/ fulfilling to MY life?

Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither

Don’t let your mind wonder, it’s far to little to be out on it’s own – Walk away

Did you know, there is no HAM in a HAMburger???

What difference does it make to you or the way you live?

Would you please spell your name for me?

Oh I didn’t tell you. It must have been none of your business than.

If you are going to have opinions about my life than I can assume you will be paying some of my bills

Successful people never worry about what other people are doing.

The officer said I shouldn’t talk about this until after the hearing…

Whats some good comebacks you have for situations you don’t care to discuss?

I have no problem leaving “you” alone too…

Make a decision, I can tell you, or we can be friends…

repeat “hmmm is that right” To EVERY single thing they say.




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