You’re different

Why don’t I write/ blog about pop-culture, headline news celebrity stuff?

Well, 1) There are enough celebrity bloggers.

2) I don’t care enough to take the time to stalk/monitor those people to give a play by play on it.

and Lastly, I simply don’t live in their world. Unless I am THERE experiencing something for myself, that leaves me to report on whats already been reported on…

I want to talk about things, I know, researched for myself & experienced. Or at least had a front row seat to see. I like to kick it with real, everyday people that have normal every day issues. Issues that other people have as well, something we can at some point in our lives relate to.

I do think a little differently, and play devils advocate quite often, simply because I understand both sides. I often give away direct answers to things most people fail, and will read and still fail- (*Sorry, I can’t fix stupid) but don’t say I didn’t tell you.  Have a question? I’ll give you honesty straight up, you don’t have to like it.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to minding MY business…




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