Remember what got you here (rant)

I’d like to remind a few people, who may have gotten to a certain point in life, relationship,  career, ect… who, once getting where they want to be, decide they are now too good to even think about looking back or remembering what it took to get where they are now.  I am not saying you may not have earned your promotion or prize, but sometimes you have to continue doing whatever it took to get you there, to KEEP you there.  Or, become okay with being the person who was or had

If you started off scooping poop and move up to pushing the wheel barrel, and the new scooper gets sick, you may be asked to fill in. After all, you were initially hired because you were good at scooping poop! Some of you grow into TERRIBLE bosses, because you “forget” what its like to do the job you are asking, or fail to revisit to find better ways to complete the task.

If you want something, you will always have to work, in some fashion to keep it. Going back doesn’t have to mean being demoted, having something taken away, or that you’re not appreciated for what you do now. Sometimes, its just a reminder for you to keep you humble enough to accept what got you where you are.

Never look down on someone who has your old job, because they can replace you- clearly they have the skill.  As scarce as jobs are, loyal people are to come by and opportunities are some of y’all just out here living like you can’t be replaced.




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