I don’t mess with you…

In light of the new Big Sean song, IDFWU, (I don’t f*ck with you) it made me think how true the song is. Not to be rude or hurt anyone personally, but everybody  isn’t meant to be in your life.  It is okay to let people go, its okay  to tell people no. You get 1 life, the same 24 hours and the people around you, if not helping, are holding you back. People around you should help bring out in you things you can’t find in yourself, want to invest & believe in you because they truly believe in you & your abilities and not because they feel they “have to”.

You can’t rock with everybody, not because they are bad, but you don’t need the extra weight for you are trying to go. At some point you’ve gotta cut the people riding your coat tail and let them stand on their own.  Life is too short to be fighting for, making work and chasing after anything or anybody. Whats meant for you will work & compliment your life. If you’re struggling, its probably because it , he/she shouldn’t be there!

“F*ck your 2 cents, if it ain’t going towards the bill” …. Cause you for damn sure can’t pay a bill with an opinion. Never apologize or feel bad for making a decision about YOUR life. If its not affecting your (immediate) family or finances it shouldn’t affect your feelings.

Great thing to think about next time somebody calls you: Don’t ask me for sh*t I can’t turn around next week and ask you for. Some people will “love you” so long as they can use use, watch how quick loyalty ends when benefits stop. Stop giving people all your time and attention, that you can’t get back. People die every day, a clear sign that you only get so much of it for you to be wasting it on low life, bottom feeders.

And just so we are clear, some people are going to let YOU go too. That’s okay.  1) you don’t wanna be that clingy/ needy person that can’t move on being someone else’s dead weight. 2) Any person that cuts you off means they were never fully there to begin with.



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