My problems vs YOUR problems (rant)

Umm ok listen people, everybody goes through stuff and everyone feels like their issues are important. And by no means should you ever tell a person what they are feeling “not that big a deal” or “not that deep”. 1) its inconsiderate as hell. 2)makes you selfish and a bit self centered. After all, you’re putting down their issue, cause you want the attention on you and your drama.

A bad day is a bad day/ hurt feelings are hurt feelings, although they may be dressed differently going through hell on any level affects people differently. Whats not that bad to you could literally be the worse to someone that may not have felt low before. Not everyone has “had a hard life” you may be used to one thing that could cause someone else to break.

No matter what it may seem to you, its their, issue/battle/cross to bear. Its not for you to understand and damn sure not for you to judge cause you want no one judging you and your issues (which could seem small to someone else).

Long story short- KNOCK IT OFF cause I doubt you have all your sh*t straight and what goes around always comes back.


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