you dont know WHAT you want!

If any person tells you they know exactly what they want with no exceptions, I’m here to tell you, they are FULL of sh*t. Now some people don’t know they are wrong. But first let me explain why I say this. You’re able to figure what you like and don’t like through experience. Unless you have experienced everything there is, there are some things you aren’t even aware exists so there is no real way to say if you like it or not. This is why I strongly believe women or men can never say they “know what they want”. You can be with the person of your life, and then meet someone who has & does everything your current person does plus more. So does that not intrigue you? I mean you’ll never know if you like a pluot  (a hybrid of a plum and an apricot) until you’ve had it, cant be willing to try, unless you know it even exists. The same goes with everyday experiences, relationships & jobs.

I say this to speak to these birds writing “the list”.  Gentlemen, the list is written by women who usually have dated enough men to get upset by the fact she is still single & things never last long or have meaning. These women clearly don’t know what they want. Look, put that damn list down! A follower recently commented on my “rebuttal to that book” post who pointed out a big truth, these are women looking for qualities in men they don’t even posses. How dare you!  Before you decide to list everything you want, first make sure its all things you have and make sure you have worthy qualities to make a man’s list. Cause most of the women who are writing these are not the women the men they are trying to attract even want (harsh, I know). Before you try telling someone you know what you want, try knowing yourself! Unless you have been with everything (and some of you with this list is coming up really close within some circles) and experienced everything, there is no possible way to say you know what you want.





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  1. So what you are saying that until you trytit, you are oblivious… interesting. Well then, you shouldnt turn things down because you’ll never know if you’d like it. So miss fyc… why dont you take this leap of faith? You are unsure of where you land, but there is a possibility of it being somewhere amazing…

  2. I dont know, i was on a poetry overload, and i was not even thinking straight. Was reading pablo neruda, and he makes me say dumb stuff lol

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