Oh NOW they ain’t sh*t?!?

One of the hardest things to accept is always the truth, usually because it makes you admit you we’re probably a part of your problems. (Yes, you- stop playing victim)

In 2015 can we puh-leeze let a dumb-ass just be a dumb-ass? Stop pretending issues aren’t there, people are worth more than their actual value, you’re happy when you’re not and things are oh so perfect. Somewhere in 2015 you’ve got to be real, accept people and situations for what they are. Because the moment things fall apart you are walking around talking down the situation you were just bragging because you were happy to be in!

Nothing like a good ‘ole falling out for all of a sudden you to open your eyes and realize whats been in front of you the entire time.  People never want to admit the bad, while they are in it. You knew that chick was crazy when you met her, while you were with her, she didn’t become crazy now that you’re broken up. Explain why it took a break up/falling out and all of a sudden you’re calling her everything but her name?

When you got the person/opportunity you loved it! Prayed for it, kissed the ground it walked on, until things got ugly, the reason doesn’t matter, because you were happy to have it- then. Stop lying to yourself to boost your own ego and make you feel better about the situation. They didn’t have a job, bad sex, driving other people’s car, couldn’t cook, staying with their mom, the whole time. The only thing that changed is your feelings, which got hurt.

In 2015 I don’t want to be consoling grown people who accepted something before only to dog it out later. Either accept the person/condition for what it is, or leave it alone. Talking bad isn’t going to change it, realistically doesn’t actually make you feel better, and makes you look like you make bad decisions, after all you were just happy to have that mess!

Why is it they weren’t all that when you were dealing with them?




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  1. What if we mean that she is just no longer worth the shit we would have to go through to fuck?

    • -_- that really really means you got to say nothing. Cuase you we’re willing to put up with it long enough to get what you wanted. You did low level maintenance to fuck, typical.

      • Or it could mean that he was breaking his back doing all that extra stuff she said she looked for in a guy, without even putting any work herself. And he got tired of this girl being a lame and finally deciding to want to be with him. Because “she” was ready. No… it doesn’t work like that. Both parties need to work towards something good. If you make the guy show his all and you show nothing when he finally hits 9 times out of 10… you are just going to look like a piece of meat. Shoot there have been times when I’ve personally was allowed to get the cakes and rejected them because I felt it wasn’t worth my time anymore. Sec isn’t always the end goal.

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