Those are insecurities – explained for men

You think she’s just crazy (partially true) but some actions have deeper meanings. Not sure if you’re girl is insecure, let me help. The rumor is insecurity in women come from men who hurt them. Okay, everybody gets hurt, the real is insecurity is the hurt you birds haven’t let go of… stop punishing people for stuff other people did.

Jealousy: If she sees you talking to another woman- she WILL be joining that conversation, she is sure every single woman you encounter must want you- you’re good looking but don’t flatter yourself.  She often wants access to all your personal email, cell phone messages, FB, Twitter, IG…etc. who are you talking to other than her and what could it be about that you couldn’t talk to her? After all, you’re her B.F.F.

All eyes on you: This one is tricky, it’s nice when someone thinks you’re the shit, but don’t fall for this, you’re not that damn hot. You’re not that damn special. She wants to be the only person in your life, so she strategically attempts to alienate you from everyone you care about.  She hates all of your friends & family, because those are people other than her that get your attention and the people who will see straight through her crazy & not hesitate to tell you she is not the one.

Clingy: She depends on you for everything and makes you aware of it. She wants to be around you all the time. She complains of being neglected or feeling left out of your life. She “lets” you do stuff without her but you will always be reminded of it.  Everything is “we” / “us”.

Keeping score: Anybody that can name all the things they do,must know the shit they do is numbered. Really its to prove value, show she’s an upgrade and that you’re not the only one giving in this relationship.

Guilt Trips: doesn’t really matter about what, anything to get you to feel bad enough to want to do something or feel bad for. If she isn’t happy, no one is happy. The goal is for you to feel worse than her so you’d see how “great” she is when she’s not acting an ass or trying to “make you feel better” (keep in mind she’s the reason you feel a certain way as it is- setup) She has stories for days about how everyone always leaves her (probably true, insecure people are annoying as f*ck) so she plays this story up so you feel bad enough not to be another one.

Appearance: Everything is over the top, the good has to be put on a stage and made out to be a Broadway show and the bad, well that is a show too. The apology (because you will get one) also, overkill. One minute she’s pouring hot grits on you, the next shes kiss-y faces and feeding you grapes. (this bird is psycho)

The “nothing is wrong” this girl:  will go above and beyond to convince herself, you and any person within eye shot that she is super confident, always having a great day and nothing is ever wrong.  Usually vain & materialistic, they make sure everything appears picture perfect on the outside, and you can’t convince them they are not cute (they just spent hundreds of dollars to look so). Be leery of any person who never has anything wrong, they have issues just don’t want other people to know they have issues.


This is part 1, I’ll be back soon with part 2!!




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