You married… yourself?!?!?

So I KNOW y’all heard about this lady who done married… HERSELF. THIS IS CRAZY TO ME!!!!! 

A Houston woman named Yasmin Eleby promised herself a long time ago that she would be MARRIED BY THE TIME SHE WAS 40. Well when Yasmin turned 40, and had no man in her life – she decided that she was NOT GOING TO DENY herself the promise.

You can't TRY to convince me her mother looks "HAPPY"
You can’t TRY to convince me her mother looks “HAPPY”

Listen, I don’t care what facts you use about it being no available men to argue this, she was trippin!  Lady if you just wanted to have a party that’s all you had to say.

This lady didn’t want a marriage, she wanted a wedding. I know people who have never walked down the aisle who have a better partnership than people who have been down the aisle and “married” for years. Marriage is not and should not be about the wedding, its just a celebration of the marriage/union/partnership/contract between 2 people.

It was a dream wedding. Complete with a fabulous candlelit ceremony and heartfelt vows to forgive, honor and love … herself. Ma’am, I’m glad you finally figured out this is something you should do anyway! This was a cry for help at 40 shes just now reaching the point to fully commit to herself first, you shouldn’t be trying to get married without self-love, honor and knowing yourself first anyway. Now that she has those things quite possibly she’ll find (& keep) a man now.

Why was 40 the cut off age? WHY IS THERE A CUT OFF AGE?!?! You meet “the one” in perfect timing. People need to stop “making it work”  & rushing into relationships to meet timelines and status quo. Some people just need to stay single.


Beautiful lady
Beautiful lady

Okay so you marry yourself to prove & celebrate your independence and love you have for yourself, new way of screaming “I don’t need a man”… but keep in mind just a year (s) ago she was clearly searching for & wanting one and now that she didn’t get it, she just decide to love herself? What happens if she meets a great man, later this year? Do you divorce yourself?

I gotta gotta gotta know what y’all think about this. Comment below, tweet, email IG let me know!




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  1. Wait. This is not real. Stop joking around that’s probably some random wedding where she was a bridesmaid. And I don’t anything wrong with marrying yourself. You should treasure yourself. Self love is one of the quickest ways to find another person. Confidence is sickingly attractive. Plus I don’t want to be in a relationship where I’m providing the only love you receive. Some days I just won’t have that much to give. Hoes should learn from her. These birds need to start loving themselves 1st. But if she actually like Married herself then they need to stop there. Because marrying yourself is asinine.

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