WTF are you good for?

This morning I went out to start my car, as I do every morning since its cold & snowing. I noticed a young lady come out to start her car, as I’ve seen before and she cleaned her car off. Then out comes a guy who got in her car and she jumped in the passenger seat and they left.

SIR there is no way on God’s green earth, we stay together, and I just came out to start & clean my car and YOU drove. Nope, no sir, not happening.

Ladies there are just some things, I can’t imagine me having to do and there is an able-bodied man within my home. But that’s just me.



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  1. This is the land of low standards just to say you have a man.

  2. Oh god . And to think I was married to something like this for 10 years! This was probably what people were saying about me! How embarrassing! !! I always justified it.what a fool was I.

  3. Uhhh. Question… what are some of these things? I mean I’m a gentleman for the most part but would you care to put a list together?

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