Valentine’s Day LIES

Okay, not everyone has a happy faithful mate and valentines day seems to be when people get the most creative on finding ways to split their time with others: The day before is mistress day & the day after is side-chick day.

A married man told his wife he was in JAIL – all so he could spend time with his side piece. I’m not sure who this man was married to that willingly just accepted JAIL and did nothing to act on it. Most women are calling lawyers, trying to get bail, calling to find out charges. Apparently not his wife.

Illness- oldie but goody.

Stuck in traffic/ got pulled over: traditional excuse if they are just going to be late.

“Sh*t hit the fan”/ “Don’t even ask”/ Drama / “personal stuff” – generic “drama” that needed immediate and lengthy attention.

Babysitting/got the kids- self explanatory.

Someone broke into my place,- cant argue with that one.


What are some other good lies to get out of spending time with one person to actually go be with someone else?




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  1. I got shot. My mom is in the er. My boy got shot.

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