Let that sh*t GO!

People are emotional, people don’t like being hurt, and people like to get back at others. However, y’all gotta learn to let stuff go.

Not everyone is going to cheer for you, nor should they. Everyone won’t like you, or do what you want. You cannot control any one’s emotions, actions or feelings, but you can control yourself! Now, YOU deciding you want to be mad forever or strategically place your efforts into getting back at someone makes you weak, still under their control and bothered.

Here’s what happens when you hold on to stuff, the other person will move on, forget or NO LONGER CARE! Yet, you manage to them, and anyone else around to be the one who can’t let go.

But some stuff can’t be forgiven! You can never be friends or an ally with them. Again, not everyone was meant to be in your life, and just like they may not like you, you don’t have to like them. Often times its not the person you need- but the lesson in whatever the situation was. There will be things that go completely against what you believe, cool- but learn for yourself to at least come to terms with it and stop allowing it to have control over you, enough to spark a reaction and use that energy to make yourself better.

“But no one gets my side” its your side, your thoughts- they don’t have to. No one has ever been offended by a statement that didn’t apply to them




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