Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife pt.2

Because about 100 of you per week like to revisit this topic:  To be or not to be

The woman (or man) you pursue is a reflection of YOU, your ambition, level of class, sophistication & respect – or lack there of.


Hoes mainly want attention and material possessions, they like to be shown off, given name brands (knock offs work too), weave & nails done- its all about appearance, no real goals or ambition, looks for others to provide for her. If the girl you’re dating wants respect and checks you about how you are treating her, expectations and standards she is of value. If you’re girl is okay with you running the streets, partying and just doing as you please, its because she is doing the same- with a few other men, or she really has no clue. (there are reasons not to want her either)

If shes okay letting you (or any other guy) feel her up within the second time meeting…

If you found her in the club, she always wants to go to the club, her career is in the club…

Now I read recently : a man has to grow up and stop letting rap songs define what makes and doesn’t make a woman worthy of wife status. That is all fun and games, but you smashed the homies though! You can NOT be willing to sleep with any and everyone, any & everywhere! THAT, seems to be the determining factor, how close to home have you been sleeping around with, there is no respect when the whole circle of friends have slept with you, or even one degree of difference. I don’t think its rap songs that are the problem, rappers just took the truth they knew and put it in a song, I mean if it weren’t already the case what would a rapper have to say?

Now many of the ladies want to know, why so many men end up with that girl. Well ladies, yes she has SKILLZZZ. All the different men she’s been with, she has picked up a trick or two and they like them, all the boring, nasty freaky stuff you won’t do or try- she makes fun, willing to do and even likes doing. THAT is why she gets picked over and over again. At a certain age, when the housewife is getting boring or on his nerve, the hoe isn’t asking questions, wanting to talk, nagging and just wants to please and he can get the satisfaction quicker and cheaper

Red Flag : A continuous string of failed relationships. ALLLLLL those dudes can’t be wrong, the one common factor in all the guys she’s been with is HER. There is no way a “great” girl couldn’t keep one (of many) happy.  No you can’t practice until you get it right, no she wasn’t experimenting or “finding herself”, (how do you find yourself under someone else)either all those dudes each made their individual mistake – being w/ her, or she made a BUNCH of mistakes…


Footnote gentlemen, be careful with the degree of scrutiny because chances are you have a past too, and the woman of your dreams may not want you because of it, the same way you’re checking the hoe-fax report, someone is checking for you.


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  1. Good luck trying.

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