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  1. This sounds silly, but I’d really like to know. Guys are always saying they need respect, they need someone to have their back. What exactly do they mean by that. I’ve always felt that men and women sometimes have different views on what those two things mean. It’s not like any man has ever really spelled that out. We are just suppose to know, and well I don’t always.

    Would you please just spell it out for some of us women who perhaps lack some common sense in this area?

    • Hey Kat, you’re right, guys don’t always spell it out. Fact is, men (and women) really never know what they want, its more of what they don’t. Now respect for men, usually means, not to treat or speak to them like children (although they act like it), talk down to or about them, take them for granted, abuse them, not feel like you are double crossing them being seen with other men. When it comes to “having their back” usually it just means support. Praising their dreams (even if you don’t really believe in it- just keep that to yourself), help with those dreams, not dumping them when things get hard. Ladies just need to be careful because some men will disguise you supporting them into you really just taking care of them. Hope this helps a bit.

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