Just intimidated… ?

So a recent article came out addressing women who feel men are scared or intimidated by their success, independence and ability to financially support themselves…

I'ma let you finish this lie, but we all know whats REALLY up.
I’ma let you finish this lie, but we all know whats REALLY up.

Listen, not the case. Here’s the thing, men aren’t scared, intimidated, worried- they’re barely impressed, especially if they can match the effort. Now you bottom-feeding couch dwellers, keep quiet and go clean the kitchen like your mother asked.

Truth is, this is a great self motivational, “I’m every woman”, I don’t need a man anthem that covers up the fact that a lot of these women are simply- single. Too afraid to admit they can’t find or keep a man, its better to put the spot light on accomplishments and the good, in hopes you’ll skip over that one thing.

The real issue, with many success stories is how a person acts when they have money, fame & power. Some of you birds get out here and act a damn fool! Throwing money around as a control tool, if he doesn’t want you on his own you buy him! Or you’re parading around telling everybody, newsflash the truth doesn’t need advertisement.

“I just need a strong man who can handle me” … HANDLE?;to manage, deal with, or be responsible for. You HANDLE machines , glassware, babies, business, problems. No, what you meant to say was, you need a strong man to accept your bull! lack of elegance, loud mouth, nosy behaviors, controlling ways, disrespectful attitude

Listen if you need someone to handle you, you are not looking for a partnership so say that from the beginning. Truth is, men like strong women, less of a liability who aren’t a dependent just looking for someone to take care of you.

When is someone suppose to have time to love, support or compliment you when they have to spend all their time handling, defending, apologizing for, taking care of you?




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