Actually I DO NOT want to talk, thanks.

Believe it or not (gentlemen) sometimes women do not want to talk. Nothing is wrong we just want to be left alone. Take this sign to disappear, go do something, enjoy the personal space.

Understand, as helpful as you are trying to be “cheering” us up, ITS ANNOYING! We don’t care what you think we should try, we don’t care what works for you, we don’t care if you think we’re “just tired” no, no, no.  It is cute, as much as you typically hate listening to all of our stories, you can’t fathom a quiet woman, (yes, sometimes we’re plotting ways to catch you in something or just pissed) either way trying to make her talk about it, will only piss her off.

All we really care about is you shutting up and leaving us alone for that moment. Enjoy it now, because when we are ready to talk, you’ll wish you had taken that time to yourself.

But fair exchange ladies, at least ONCE a month, when your guy doesn’t want to be bothered- get out of his face asking “so what cha thinking?”




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