just sharing, advertising or convincing?

So this is for those individuals in relationships who find it necessary, appropriate or acceptable to tell everyone in the world. Bit of advice: KNOCK IT OFF! Not because single people are bitter or jealous of your relationship, but because you look incredibly stupid. Now we understand you’re excited & happy you have someone and your real friends will be happy as well, but seriously, what is the deal with over sharing? Every tweet, Facebook status, Instagram post is you professing your love. WHYYYYY??? Now if you’re just sharing your happiness with friends & family that’s great, just do do it so often, the best part about being with someone is just that, being with them. I say this because its usually these same shares who at some point go on those same social sites complaining how people are in their business, well what did you expect with you put everything for the public to see?

Now there’s some of you putting on a major front, the “convincing team” . These individuals are with someone either you know you shouldn’t be or have no interest in being with & everyone sees it but you have to make a point that you’re “holding him/her down”. We need you to stop your broadcast because everyone else knows the truth. Now if this is a reminder to yourself you need to keep making it work or a reminder to other people y’ll are still together is something only you can say, but whatever the case may be, you look pathetic. Not saying just walk away from your relationship (if its worth the effort) but at least stop trying to paint a picture of perfection that everyone else can see through.

And lastly, the “I got a man/woman” people. “spending time with HIM”  “chillin with my babe”  blah blah blah… again, why keep advertising to people that you claim you don’t want in your business? Fact of the matter is, these over-sharers have motive behind their actions. These people have to make it known to everyone else. Advertising, showing you something you should want, at least that’s what they believe, in some cases it is to make others jealous or to show & prove they have someone.  These people often come across as having really low self esteem, because their partner has become their whole world.

Listen, its cool to show people your significant other and be proud of what you have, but know the difference between obsessing and being a pain about it, believe you get talked about, yes you look pathetic when you go overboard, it makes you look like you have no life and are trying way too hard to show people your relationships. If you are one of those people, please check your level of advertising with your partner, you’d be surprised how many pages I see where one person shares every move and pic and their partner doesn’t even mention their name.


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