Independent! … and alone

*cues Webbie’s Independent*

                            I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t do you know what that mean mayne?

I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t do you know what that mean?

She got her own house

She got her own car

Two jobs, work hard, you a bad broad

 Lets talk about the self proclaimed independent woman. You birds! I really wish you “I don’t need a man (to take care of me), i can take care of my self, I’m a grown, strong woman” would SHUT UP! . The first ones to bring up how you don’t need a man, well, you don’t have too many options now do you? Know this, you’re single for a reason. NO, its not because you’re  a strong, no nonsense, and “don’t need a man” its because you’re too busy trying to be the man. Not physically trying to turn into one, but take on his roles & duties.

Men generally show their feeling through action, so when you step up doing everything a man would normally do because you’re “independent” know that there is nothing left for a man to do, so why would he stay? First of all, the women that are independent & that are truly okay with it, don’t advertise or constantly remind others of it. Those of you constantly throwing it up & reminding other people aren’t fooling anyone plus you look desperate for attention, yes, people question the sincerity of your statement when you say something.  I’m not sure if you have been wronged in some way or if your attitude has just caused men not to want to put up with you but you really should evaluate why you’re so independent.

Now understand, taking care of yourself is something as an adult you’re suppose to do! No, you gets no special recognition or praise for being “grown”, not just of age, actually grown, on your sh*t,  this is what independent is anyway! There are things other people are built and programmed to do, I said before men express themselves differently, men like to know their presence adds value to your life and their efforts are appreciated. You stepping over them to prove a point is intimidating, no man is going to ever want to approach you.

Oh but not you independent birds, y’all don’t appreciate sh*t, why? because you’re independent, you could have done that yourselves right? Some of you are accepting bad advice, “you don’t need a man to be happy”, “a man shouldn’t complete you” okay, I don’t totally disagree with this advice, but some people have taken it entire too serious to the point you’re sabotaging your own chances of having a partner. You birds have to learn to let a man be a man. Stop talking down, belittling him because he may not make what you make or have your accomplishments, because again there are some thing he can you, that you can not as well. No man will stick around hearing you nag or put down his life or the way he lives it.  Historically men are sought after to be providers, so if he’s not bring home as much as you or you’d like, he already knows- do not remind him! Because there are women who greatly appreciate whatever it is he does bring.

As comfortable as you have become being independent fact of the matter is every person wants to be loved and wanted. People want to have someone taking care of them, you can lie to yourself if you want, but deep down women would love to have the option to work and just have a man cater to them and be no need for them to have to do everything in the relationship. If nothing more you should want the support for your life, someone shouting, pushing and supporting whatever it is you do with your life, uhh independent girls, who is cheering for you, other than those other independent (single) girls & your parents? … I’ll wait…

So while you’re single Destiny’s Child Independent women, realize, even Beyonce’ with all her independence got a ring put on it.


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