I want that too…

Ok fellas, this one isn’t really for you. Now with that being said, this is for those women who are suffering with the “but I want that” bug right now. These are the females who see their peers getting married, having kids or making leaps career wise & its eating them alive, why? Because “they want that too”. Want, have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for. I’m just gonna cut straight to why its not good for you to let this want consume you. Recently I had an “I want moment” I desperately wanted a new job, and I got one! With that new job I had no clue I’d be so miserable, I absolutely hate my job, now its not as bad as the place I was but definitely not what I wanted.

So often we see on the surface something appealing but fact of the matter is you have no idea what it took to get it, takes to keep it & any sacrifices behind it. We’ve all heard “the grass looks greener on the other side”. So what does that mean? Take care of your own damn grass! People get so focused on this item (including another person) we neglect the real issue, the REASON we want it.  Usually this item (or person) we are after, we’ve convinced ourselves will make some leap/change (for the better) in our current life. Women will get so wrapped up in how the next chick got married & having babies they lose sight of themselves and whatever issues they may posses that makes them disqualified for those things. Many women simply don’t want to accept that in life you’ve got to wait your time, and you’ll get it, when you’re ready to handle it.

The main problem is, they get so stuck on wanting what everyone else has, they will have on blinders to the  warning signs that something isn’t right & what they are chasing after isn’t for them. I have seen women accept abuse,  disrespect & neglect just to say “but I have a man”.

Now some of you may have had your chance & abused it or ignored it, so yes, this waiting game & “teasing” if you will, could very well be your punishment. Not to say you won’t get another chance but life needs to teach you to appreciate it & prepare you to be ready when it comes. Accept that and focus on the tasks life hands you in the present. You can’t go back in time, so focusing on what you could’ve or should’ve wont help you.

Life is rough enough on us, you’re gonna deal with people and situations that will hurt you and drag you through the mud, why on earth would you allow pain on yourself? That just seems ridiculous to me, if there are ever 2 places you can be at peace, happy & accepting it should be your home & your own mind. Stop hurting yourself because you  want something that looks good or the acceptable norm. Ask yourself, why do you want this so bad? Can you live without it? Am I actually ready for what it is I claim I want/need? Most importantly, can you accept that possibly right now, despite what you think, you’re NOT ready or deserving at this time? Maybe there are some things you haven’t done, or realized about YOU that means you can not yet support an extra person or load. We will all think highly of our selves and that we are better than the others and a good catch, but that’s by your own judgement and possibly someone who may have told you what they believed you wanted to hear (doesn’t make it true), but just stop to consider you are not (yet) the person deserving of who/what you claim to be seeking.

Maybe, just maybe what you want, isn’t what you need? The job you want, isn’t worth the long hours, no personal life, hard working conditions. That man/woman you want isn’t the abuse, neglect, hurt you need. I’m just saying there is a huge difference between the things you want in life, and what you actually need. The things we want aren’t always whats best & cause more bad than good.




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  1. Women always want something lol, y’all are never satisfied that’s why y’all make men go crazy. Sit down sometimes and just enjoy what you have. You don’t always have to be doing something. Some of y’all are just some unstable creatures lol. Not all, some. And stop wanting things you can’t afford, not worth, or really have no use for. Stop thinking you deserve something you can’t work to keep. Stop wanting 100% when you are barely 50%. Stop wanting a million when you need to sit yo $1 Ass down before I make change. Just learn to be happy with what you have, and if you don’t like the situation get out of it, you put yourself in it.

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