Positions & Titles

This topic is well over due, primarily for ladies and will hopefully put some things into perspective for you confused chicks.

There is undoubtedly a difference between your title & position in a man’s life.

If you’ve  been seeing someone for months (usually 6) to a year, doing everything, going everywhere and grooming him, but you’ve never been introduced to but a few of a guys friends (usually the ones he met you with), its a hassle for him to take you out, you don’t know anything about him,  You are NOT by any means his girl, BUUUTTT you have the role. Problem with this role, is you’ve set yourself up to accepting being the support, you get to be the one that breeds him for success so he is prepared to be perfect for another woman.  He doesn’t claim you as his girl for a reason. If you’ve ever suspected or seen him with, flirting or talking to other females, its for that exact reason, you’re NOT his girl. You’re just a nice perk for the time being. I mean, we’ve all heard they saying “why purchase the cow when you can get the milk for free” well, mooooooo cause you young girl are providing the milk.

Now I know some of you will refer back to that book, and how when a man places value on something he gives it a title. This is true, but sometimes you have as title without any real role because currently someone else is fulfilling all the duties quite well in their position where its unnecessary and stupid for a man to drop her without reason, but he will call you whatever you’d like so long as you continue to fulfill what he needs from you. A title is just that, an identifying name, trust me, a man could really care less as long as you’re there & functioning properly.

So if you had to choose which one is better? Well, depends on the situations he places you in, how he treats you, and the future you can have together. The female that has the true position as his girl will always be the one on top. She is seen with him, introduced as such by him, (not you telling everyone) takes care of you, not just comes around when he wants something.



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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 8, 2013 — 12:53 PM

    Sometimes the girl takes it upon herself thought o play that role because that is what she wants and gets upset when she doesn’t get the same in return. Most guys don’t off rip say yea this the one. Females usually act tough in the beginning but once a few months pass they break down and start playing that role. The guy knowing this usually is like, hey we never established that.

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