I’m the best, how could you NOT want me?!?

Okay, I’ve gotta be the ego buster. I was trolling Instagram and saw a great post, one that at some point in life is very easy to relate to. “Nowadays you can be everything someone ever wanted, and still get played”.

Okay, first of all, confidence is an interesting thing. Its YOU telling YOURSELF how great  YOU are. Who told you that you were EVERYTHING someone wanted?! Clearly not them, or they would have kept you! Of course there’s a chance you’re gonna lie to yourself! The world is going to beat you down enough, why would you hurt yourself?

You will never be as good as you think you are to someone uninterested or not looking for whatever you have to offer.  You may be a dollar in your head, but only worth a nickle to the person you’re trying to win over. People’s standards and expectations are not the same.

All of your greatness, to some may be too much, they just don’t want it, or the pressures of having to step up to “your level”. Sometimes people just want to be around someone light hearted, easygoing, still leaning and growing, and you with all your experience, two steps ahead isn’t what they want because you aren’t compatible.  Some people/companies want someone raw, wet behind the ears, stupid- that way they can mold you into who/what they want. Someone with everything all together or just stubborn is too much work to re-shape.

Piece of advice to those of you who keep getting chosen last, played, picked over – stop giving 100%, how do you really think someone is going to treat what they got for free? You leave nothing to yourself, can’t blame the other person for taking it all and running, they aren’t robbing you of anything you laid all out from the beginning- YOU gave it away!

And it may be a good idea for you to stop thinking you are THEE best. There will always be someone working while you sleep, prettier/more handsome, more talented, or who just has something you don’t, you’re isn’t bad its just not what they have. Everyone isn’t suppose to be the same.



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