your decisions, my burden

I’m going to suggest parents stop making life decisions “for the kids”. Do it because YOU need to, and let the benefits trickle down to affect them. Do not put the burden’s of your life decisions on a child, teaching them to neglect themselves to please other people. Even if it is your kid they need to learn to chase what makes them happy, not how to suffer in silence.
(example- “We stayed together for you”, thank you for teaching us how to “make” an unhappy relationship work and forcing children to watch you unhappy, which ultimately makes them unhappy but think it’s normal to suffer and be unhappy)
Also, teach your kids when to fight/ stick it out with life and when to let some stuff go. Teach them that only THEY can determine whats best for them (not you, grandma, auntie/uncle, friends (cause we all know YOU didn’t listen to all the advice you were given either) but they have to choose the path they feel best, and if it backfires they have to suffer those consequences).
Granted lately, people are quick to call it quits, but sometimes it doesn’t take more than one knockout to know if something isn’t for you.

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