How the heck do you multi-task?

How the hell do y’all do it? I can admit I had to be a frustrating child to my parents. I was interested in so many things. I was talented in more than one thing. I learned quickly so I got “good” at a ton of things quickly. I also wanted to move on to something else once I got it down. I was a sponge, the “now what” kid, I also asked “why” A LOT, I’m an adult and I still want to know “why” to every things.  I needed to know, and I needed to know the thing after that, and the thing after that. Not because I wasn’t still interested, but for me life moved quickly, so I wanted to do everything quickly. Later learned I could have given things a pinch more time, and it wouldn’t have killed me to master something.

As an adult, I still have no idea how to focus on one thing at a time! But as an adult for some reason, we’re supposed to be able to multi-task. Who came up with this sh*t. I’m like a hamster on drugs, or a better explanation is an adult on a Redbull and 5- hour energy cocktail. My desk is a mess daily of mini piles of different tasks to be completed, it makes sense except solely to me and somehow at the end of each day, everything on my to-do list is crossed off. Now in my professional defense, what I do in my career changes often and changes fast.

For me multi-tasking is merely stopping one thing, mid-way to begin or pick up from the mid point to another, then returning to the first thing I stopped. Is multi-tasking truly possible? How am I supposed to focus everything on one task when I’m involved in 100?



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  1. No, it isn’t. At the end of the day you never truly master anything. What you found in your childhood, those results hold true today of what multi-tasking really looks like. In your work ethic, you understand what you are working on at the time may not be as important as something that has a right now deadline. You are able to go back and finish the first things you began. You are awesome and doing an amazing job! Many people drop the ball on the follow through.

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