Too young to be tired…

Okay listen, I must admit, I’m over this one. Do old(er) people not remember their youth? Like at all? Somehow is there a myth that young people are fueled on youth alone? Sunshine and positive thoughts (alone) don’t keep young people moving.

Recently after working, leaving job 2, I was in the store and let out a deep breath, someone older, who obviously didn’t know me felt the need to comment on my gesture. I was too young to be tired… Really??? That’s how this works… Not too young to be working 3 jobs, taking classes and running 2 businesses, just too young to be tired.

We always talk about how you never know what someone is going through and to be kind. Maybe instead of chastising young people, ask WHY they are tired. How their day went. How they are feeling. A lot of young people are winging the whole thing because no one actually wants to talk definitely don’t want to listen to them, a lot of the “advice” is a bit outdated, and they are instantly judged, based on “back in my day”. That day has passed.

Tired doesn’t have an age limit, stop telling young people that mess, its annoying.


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