Keeping you safe

We say all the time “text/call me when you make it home” and with the increasing number of girls being kidnapped  & dissappearing why not increase our chances of safety.


Here are 5 (five) apps (you’re attached to you phone anyways) to let those people you trust know where you are, if you feel you’re in danger and if you’ve made it home.


  1. bSafe-  SOS alarm if you’re ever in trouble, just press the alarm button which will alert your chosen contacts  AND 911 (if you add them in as a contact) immediately and share your location.
  2. React Mobile – good for those walking or taking public transportation lets your contacts “follow you” on your route and you send an alert if you’re ever unsafe. There is a “sidekick” a small car alarm-sized(kind of looks like life alert) remote that can be activated by pressing the button that sends and SOS with your location if you’re in trouble.
  3. Watch Over Me- you TELL the app how long to watch over you, you can sad notes, pictures, or even ask a close friend to keep an extra eye out for you while you’re on your journey. YOU must click “I’m safe” BEFORE the time runs out (remember YOU tell the app how long to keep watch) or the chosen contacts will recieve an immediate alert with your location and any details (pictures, notes etc you’ve provided). Watch Over Me also turns your Android device into an emergency tool with just a shake. Even if your phone is locked, with one shake it will turn on your phone’s alarm, and video camera, and send an alert to your emergency contacts.
  4. OnWatchOnCampus- Especially great on first dates, parties, late walks from the library. The most important thing here is to take the time to program in the campus police number, 911, and the contacts you want alerted. This has some of the same features of the above app, will Watch you for a pre-set time, can add pictures and data, call police with your location and let your family know when you’ve made it from “study group”.
  5. Circle of 6- Just 2 (two) taps lets your circle know where you are and how they can help. The Pin icon sends a text to your Circle that says: Come and get me. I need help getting home safely.” with your GPS coordinates. PHONE ICON Sends a text to your Circle that says:Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” CHAT ICON Sends a text to your Circle that says: I need to talk.” There is also dDirect access to information about sexuality, relationships, and safety as well as direct access to national hotlines and a specialized hotline of your choice, such as LGBTQ, Spanish-language, etc. based on your personal priorities.

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