That’s not exactly a prize

A while back I did a post about turning a hoe into a housewife, now fellas you didn’t think I was going to let the bottom-feeding men off the hook did you? This was initially brought to you by the Gucci Man and Keisha Noir story.

Loyalty, (beginning to hate this word)  is the word you want to use to make someone think they are supposed to stay and accept being lied to, cheated on, mislead, played with, used, taken for granted. You want someone to stick around in situations you wouldn’t even stay for if things were reversed.

Y’all want women to wait around while you cheat, go to jail, job hop/barely keep a job/unable to provide financially and call it being loyal/ride or die/ supportive. To each his own, what works for some won’t work for all.  I’ve said it before this so-called “loyalty” not only has some of you looking stupid, but it’s putting you in negative situations.

No one wants to struggle, no one wants to be embarrassed or mistreated, its no prize just because you stopped doing some shit you shouldn’t have been doing anyway, and Y’all want someone to proudly display you like they won the lottery. That’s like you “winning” a pair of Jordans that trampled through mud, chewed on, scuffed up and mistreated… are you loyal enough to wear them out, in your Sunday’s best, daily and tell everyone how loyal and unwilling you are to toss them out? Ask yourself, am I refusing to toss them out because they are the only ones I have? If they are all you have, is it loyalty cause you want them or do you feel like you have no choice.

All you have to offer cannot be d*ck! Just saying after a while there has to be more or this shitty relationship was going to fail anyway.These men want women to wait, meanwhile, life has to continue because women never know how long the waiting will be or if you’ll ever return to her once you’re done, so she HAS to do certain things for herself that a man otherwise “should” or “would have done”, (no one just “wants to be a man”, shit has to get accomplished one way or another, with or without you.) There are a lot of women who experience the waiting, the supporting men while they build, grind and grow and those men grow into a perfect husband- for someone else.

These women CHOOSE to stay because they want to, there are 7 BILLION people in the world, you’re definitely replaceable. No one wants a trophy that’s scratched, tarnished, rusty, and dented. Sure you’re gold-plated now, however, when we look at the whole picture, its nothing more than a participation medal.

Just saying you can’t turn a male hoe into a house-husband either.


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