Don’t forget where you came from

“don’t forget us little people”, “remember to reach back and help someone else” Here people go again making their success someone else’s obligation.

Listen, successful people do NOT HAVE to help you. Why do you feel entitled to their fame or fortune? THEY put in the work… what exactly did you do?

Most of the people asking had ZERO to do with the person’s success, after all, I don’t think you would be asking or telling someone not to forget you if you had. The people who were there or has truly earned a share doesn’t need to question if they are taken care of. What would I look like GIVING (cause after all you’re not trying to work for it) someone to someone that didn’t pay me attention or have my back when I was a “normal” person

Some of you are the most  “I’m grinding, hustling, hard-working”coattail riders I’ve ever seen. Y’all work hard at finding a shortcut… or an easier way to the top. People will look for a comeup any way they can get it.

For the people busting their ass,(even with no help) its YOU putting in the work, by yourself, do not let these bums make you feel you have to take care of them from the hard work you’ve put in. Yes, they will play the family card, or the kids are looking up to you, but it’snot your obligation to raise other people or their lifestyles.


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