Fellas- you’ve been warned

Y’all remember Bernadine right? This is her little sister 2018 style

Fellas, tomorrow there is a movie coming out and I’m breaking all the girl codes to give you a way out. Don’t try to be cute & romantic thinking you’re taking your girl out and don’t let her sucker you into this movie. On March 30, 2018, Tyler Perry’s movie Acrimony comes out in theaters. Yes, stuff blows up. No, it’s not what you think. This is very much so a chick flick.

Now, fellas for the next 2 weeks you need to be extra careful. Be nice to your lady, her friends, coworkers, mama, auntie basically any woman likely to see this movie. This movie will spark the crazy and not that “cute when you’re mad” crazy.

How much can you handle?


Anything your lady thought she had a feeling about will resurface and she’s gonna be snippy, jealous, snooping through your stuff, watching your social media, wanting to meet all your friends, wonder who certain people are to you- everything. That time in 2005 when the store clerk at Macy’s came back twice to see if you needed help, and how the store clerk’s daughter is a bagger at the grocery store you go to… Your girl is getting ready to go all Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on you and analyze your whole relationship.

The bad part men, we have our friends, who also are up in arms with any man in their life, but also our ride or die, right-hand man. The one that automatically says “what he do now” when something is wrong and has no problem sitting in bushes with your girl to catch you doing something.

Fellas you’ve been warned. Stay low if you can, catch up on some 2k, finish cleaning the garage, any project where you can be seen (not having too much fun) and that’ll keep her from talking to you asking you questions. Now may not be the best time for nights out with the fellas, go to work or school and straight home.


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