All I did was touch you

I debated discussing the recent popular topic involving singer Ariana Grade and Bishop Charles H. Ellis III at the funeral of Aretha Franklin, but here we go.

I’m not gonna say if she was or was not “groped” let’s instead discuss people’s inability to keep their hands to themselves and off of others in general.

Have you ever given a presentation at school or work, then your boss/teacher/or any one you don’t have a close relationship with came up and out their arm around your waist……and stayed there.

Was it necessary for him to touch and KEEP the touch with her. He could have just asked her to the podium…

The bishop’s remark was then “maybe I crossed the border” now which one was it Bishop, did you cross the line or nah? While it wasn’t an intention matters such as these all boil down to: intent vs impact. Clearly the impact is winning right now.

Now once upon a time such an embrace truly would have been innocent and this topic wouldn’t be important. However because SOME of y’all pastors, Bishops, uncles, cousins, brothers did backstroke over the line of innocence and consent the conversation of acceptable touch, consent, and difference in relationships had to be altered.

Thus why the shit has become so guarded and uncomfortable for ppl to embrace you. It’s now drilled from an early age about strangers putting their hands on you, not sitting on ppl’s lap, letting ppl hug & kiss on you or who you can or cannot hug. This is our new normal like it or not.

Hell I get weirded out at work when people shake my damn hand too long.

I’m not taking anyone’s side- but I saw the look of discomfort on that girl’s face- I know that face, I’ve slithered my way away from a few embraced I didn’t ask for as well with that same face.


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