Switch it up

I appreciate @ms_bach_says so much for this post. THIS one is for the culture. For being told you “y’all white” or “use improper English” “sound funny” this is for you.

Here’s the thing though, we ALL do it. Work “you” and hanging with friends/family “you” or while partying “you” aren’t the same. That loud WHOOOOOOO noise certain cultures make when they’re drunk & partying isn’t the same person that is at their boring desk jobs on Monday.

If you’ve ever put “highly adaptable” on your resume- you know how to code switch too.

Code switching is nothing more than changing your outside appearance and behavior to match your present setting.

Sometimes this skill can literally save you! Sometimes you have to switch out of the polite professional version when people decide to get rude/disrespectful or throw you under the bus. Sometimes all you need is to show someone ONE time that you are not to be tried and you’re good.

Sometimes when you’re somewhere you don’t need to be. Switch back and play crazy as hell so you’re not seen as a threat.

When you go somewhere and there are ppl who are acting weird- they just didn’t know to switch!

I applaud the people (myself included) who can SEAMLESSLY switch without effort. It’s embedded in your makeup, you are every one of the people you have to switch in and out of.


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