If all of your friends jump…

Does anyone READ & COMPREHEND content before (re)posting? I’m convinced people see a title and run with it. I see so much being shared on social media that’s outdated, incorrect and definitely one-sided. 

The same way the old school questioning “if all of your friends jump off a bridge, will you jump too?” comes to mind. If all of your friends look stupid without fact checking are you willing to look stupid too? YUP!  See your parents were worried about you doing something dumb and dangerous for the sake of following the crowd and not thinking for yourself. I’m concerned as well about you doing something dumb. 

Do your own research! I understand re-posting things that just support YOUR argument, after all, who doesn’t like to feel right, but for the sake of your own ignorance, and I mean it by the truest definition, learn beyond your own limited thoughts. 


adjectiveig·​no·​rant | \ˈig-n(ə-)rənt  \

Definition of ignorant 

1adestitute of knowledge or educationan ignorant societyalso lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specifiedparents ignorant of modern mathematics

bresulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligenceignorant errors



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