That’s a YOU problem

Okay, in all seriousness who does my cockiness actually hurt??? I hear people all the time, tell OTHER people to “remain humble” but for what? How I feel about myself, makes YOU uncomfortable… Oh ok! BYE!

“That “thing” can be taken from you” weeelllllll if it’s going to be taken, its gonna be taken any damn way! What’s yours, what’s actually meant for you, your purpose, your gift is YOURS. To be honest, when something is truly your destiny, not even you can mess it up. Even when you get in your own way it has a way of coming back around until you use it as you’re meant to.

Y’all never know what it took for people to gain that confidence. There are enough people telling me what I can’t do, who I won’t be, praying I lose, non-supporting, so the only person that may be lifting me up IS me!

Now if things don’t go well, will I look stupid? Yep- but did YOU get hurt??? If YOUR feelings get hurt from someone else shouting about their success/ belongings/ relationships/ vacations/ whatever, that is a YOU problem, my friend.

Ask yourself what is it about this person (talking about themselves) or this thing that the person has, that’s making you feel some type of way (aka insecure).


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  1. #”Don’t be mad cuz I’m doing me better than you doing you!” -Gambino

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