Why we date multiple people

This was brought about from a recent conversation.  Whats the reason why (primarily men) date more than one person at a time? Ive come to this conclusion. Now a days, people only come with one platform, there is that ONE thing they are good for. Back in the day, a woman would take care the kids, tend to the house, put it down in the bedroom, be a business and so much more. Those type of women were the sh*t! A man didn’t need more than her, she was his world, she held him and their life down so he didn’t have a reason or desire to look elsewhere. I’m gonna keep it as real as I know how, the quality of females these days has severely gone down!! So in some ways its fitting that a man needs to “build a relationship” so to speak. With so many so many women only good at one thing and having their own agenda its only fitting.

Gentleman, don’t get too comfortable with this post because the qualities you come with are just as bad. Many women (including myself) have at some point mentioned if only it were possible to take this from man A and combine it with something else of man B and put it all into the body of man C, hence “the back up man” yes 80% of women admit if their current relationship/marriage didn’t work they have a plan B guy, which leads me to believe something had been missing from guy A all along. One foot out the door, like looking for a job, you don’t quit the one you have until you have a new one. But as long as the first still has some value / perks you keep it too until it runs out or you know #2 will work out.

Now this is just my opinion, and it doesn’t in anyway take away from the fact some people are just greedy! They can have everything they need in a person and just wants more. From what I am seeing these days though, people are no longer multi-talented and the quality of what they do have is so low, people need to seek out multiple partners just to add up to the one person they crave.

Feel free to weigh in on this because I want to hear what you think.




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