Oh he/she thirsty!

Today is a special day, We’re sending the loudest “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to our PR personnel Ms. Meyatta!! Because its her special day, today’s topic is from her!

I think we need to clear up some common ignorance that’s being passed around.  If you are one of these females out always dressed half naked, needing only named brand everything and loving the attention any man pays to you don’t get mad when you attract what you’re asking for. If you’re a male always showing off pictures of cars with rims, glasses, watches and ‘poppin bottles’ you too sir can only appreciate the women you attract by flashing a money lifestyle.  However, I’m not going to discuss your false advertisement just yet. This is about knowing the difference between when someone shows interest in you vs ‘thirsty’. What was once harmless flirting has been turned into what is now seemed as aggressive, actively seeking attention regardless of the form it comes in, and shameless means of claiming one of the opposite sex. Being overly anxious and eager for something, bold displays of desperation- that’s thirsty.

Ladies just because a man speaks to you or holds a door open does not mean he wants you! Some of you birds have been so full of yourselves you cant even take a compliment or nice gesture without thinking someone wants you. You cant claim to want one thing, chase another then when what you say you want appears misinterpret it for the actions you’ve accepted from the scum that were praising you. You cant post a pic of you in the bed, in limited amounts of clothing or dressed like a $2 heaux and not expect men to respond. After all, sex sells… so they aren’t thirsty just responding to what you put out, and they know the more ‘likes’ you get the more frequent and risque’ you’ll become for that attention.

Gentlemen, just because a woman take initiative to approach you or express interest that doesn’t always mean she wants something. Know her reaching out to you took courage, so if she comes to you, at least hear her out.  If you’re actively trying to gain attention from a group of women (doesn’t really matter which one responds),  You too have the tendency of displaying your assets all over the place looking for attention. If you meet a woman not impressed by what you have and you find you want to dismiss her re-evaluate your priorities because you’ve been so consumed by thirst you can appreciate someone may actually like you.

Now if someone is constantly calling and coming around you wanting to be seen despite your clear statement of disinterest then we may can call it thirst, but until this happens, humble yourself, learn to take a compliment and keep it moving.

Whats your take on this? Whats your differences in someone flirting vs. being ‘thirsty’.



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