Holding on to whats not yours

I had been holding off on posting this but then a certain R&B singer had a weak moment and it fired me up.  So lets goooooo

I recently had a conversation with someone caught in the situation where she was “the chosen one” and the other female is holding on to a disgusting grudge. The other woman isn’t your issue.  Hell in this case neither is the man, for all you know you just dodged a huge bullet. If a man decides he wants to leave- let him!

There will come a time if it hasn’t already a choice will have to be made between you and “her”. Understand ladies, this decision doesn’t always come with something you may have done wrong or didn’t do.  Please don’t take his decision personal.  Even more importantly, your emotions regarding this decision lie with him- not the other woman, (Unless you know her personally, then you may be entitled to being angry with her) you can not be mad cause another person got what you wanted. This is how life goes- period. So if you’re not used to it by now, you’re gonna find yourself with hurt feelings a lot.

However if you find you are badmouthing, going to places you know they’ll be, making snide remarks about their new love interest you need to get a hold of all of your emotions. I strongly believe the person who has the ability to make you angry has control over you, and if you find yourself doing these things then its obvious they still matter. I mean, what is this accomplishing? Its not even helping you! At the end of it all you’re in a bad mood, still without that person, and looking like a fool because you’re bitter. Find yourself something to do, leave that person alone and get out of your emotions, this says more about you and your character than anything else.

Now if you are one on these individuals having a relationship in your head, grow a pair and let that person know you exist! There is nothing more sad than seeing someone jealous and upset longing to be with another person that isn’t even aware who you are! If you find you cant do this- well your only other option is to sit down and shut up about it.

Fact of the matter is, you are not a golden gift to everyone’s life. The sooner you accept this and let go of people that rejected you the better. If nothing else, do it for your appearance to the world, people want to be around confidence, self assurance and someone who can turn any bad situation good. You can keep holding a grudge, causing stress and being unhappy if you want, but I promise you’ll end up by yourself.



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  1. Totally needed this little cyber slap across the face today… THANK YOU!! 🙂

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