Dating for sex?

Why do men expect sex after he takes a female out on a date?

In my opinion, the reason men date is for the opportunity to get to sex. Now they may not expect sex on the first date and maybe not the second but understand all the impressing has an end goal in mind- yep, panty-ville! Your appearance is the first thing someone uses to decide if they want anything more with you, your profession, religion, race … are non factors, what matters is if they find you attractive.  Men are physical & visual beings &  sexual by nature, so they knew when they decided to approach you they wanted more, they just know (for the most part) it takes some effort to get you where they want. A lot of men, who at least want to appear genuine wont tell you outright this is their intention  so they take the road of showing an interest instead, oh, but don’t get it twisted, there are a good number that will just tell you what they want,  from there you decide.

As a woman, its foolish of us to believe a man is going out of his way, spending his hard earned money, going places he probably has no interest to have conversation, drinks & laughs-he can do that with his boys whenever for free.  Ladies, recognize though he asked YOU and not someone else, so you had something working for you- keep it up!

Typically this causes a fuss with women because it can be comparable to buying love or affection, for a man to bring up he should be rewarded for something seen as courting & something he typically asked to do can be out of line.   Fact of the matter is regardless if a man pays for a meal or not you had to eat anyway, if its that big of a deal, pack extra cash pay for yourself. Women typically wont even consider sex until 5 dates in, enough time to see if shes attracted to a man and feel him out.

If a man feels like he is deserving of sex because he spent money- pass him the number to the nearest escort service.  Men you are paying for whatever activity you are doing, not the person or their company. In some ways this can be reversed, ladies do we not expect something for our efforts & actions some time? For some men, spending money on you creates a “debt” if you will, and they already have in mind the best way for you to repay them.

Women put the act of sex on a higher pedestal. For women sex is more intimate, tied to emotion, a lot of times money & sex just go together for men. Women like the act that’s tied beyond the money, women like the attention and efforts put forth to show how you feel about them, men can appreciate you showing your feelings for them through sex, for a man sex is important.   Men know wealth can been seen as something that is attractive, and most men who have more money are known to have more sex.  For men sex is just sex.  So I don’t think men always ‘expect’ sex, but they definitely are hoping for it.



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  1. So….What you first have to understand is a typical guys nature. Now listen to me when I say typical.. A typical guy wants to eat, f**k, play video games and sleep, and not necessarily in that order. So when you date a “typical guy” to him this is a short term investment with a potential for a great ROI. For those of you that didn’t graduate or don’t understand finances ROI is “return on investment”. So when a typical guy notices a female that he thinks may have the potential to have a great ROI he goes after it, henceforth; invests. This is why most guys will pick up girls at the bar and buy them drinks or have them popping mollies because they know that there is a better chance for low risk, (a few cheap drinks compared to red lobster) and high return (gettin them panties). Now if a guy meets you in a social place library, church, mall etc.. He knows his chances are a little less promising so this is why he tries to get you to the dating point and ultimately wins you over with the initial investment he is making that you don’t see (i.e. the wine and dine). Now don’t get me wrong some guys do actually want a challenge and like taking the risk because the end result makes it all the worth, unless the girl was completely inexperienced and had no clue of bedroom ethics. Back to my point, some guys like that challenge and will go “all in” knowing that they are pulling a great bluff with the chance of winning the pot. Now there are other guys who may be at the stage where they want to date and find the right woman for them, but because of the stereotypes among men, most women will never know who those guys are without giving them a fair chance. Overall do most men expect sex after taking a woman out… Uh… hellz yes, unless clarified before the date. It’s called quid pro quo people, reciprocity, i pay, you eat, we get busy. In conclusion i quote lil duval ” girl i know this might seem strange but let me know if I’m out of order for stepping to you this way; see I’ve been buying you drinks for a while and I just gotta let you know that… B***h yous my girlfriend!!”

    • LMBO at the lil duval comment!!

      This was the first lesson my mother taught me when I reached dating age, “Men date you for something in return, they want what’s in between your legs”. Just as men look at a women and know if they want to have sex, the woman knows the same thing. Women will not come out and say they just want to have sex, they need to know something about the guy. It makes them feel better about having sex hence the first date(s), takes them from the hoe category…..I guess. But being celibate is making dating hard because of this unspoken date to sex rule.

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