Letter to a teenage dater

This post will be primarily for the teenage readers I have to had brought to my attention they want advice for them.  So this is my letter to you- I’m sure some of this will be stuff you have heard before, but look at it this way, if you’re constantly hearing something there may be a reason why.

OK, first is age, please don’t feel like just because you have reached a certain age, you are entitled or magically ready to date, you may physically mature but doesn’t mean your maturity level matches. Understand at this age everyone is not your friend. Classmates, associates and maybe even someone that enjoys your company but choose to use friend wisely.

Get out and mingle! One of the greatest parts about being a teenager is hanging out having fun with your friends, you’ll later have plenty of reasons you cant go hang, don’t blow fun times early. Go out!!! Trust me, you don’t want to wait until its too late wishing you had. Although this is a society of technology, the more we advance the less time you spend out, and the more time people spend creating false personalities and pages to lure in young people. I’m sure you’re parents tell you all the time how meeting people on line can be dangerous, just know there is some truth there.

Don’t sit around waiting, ignoring your friends & family, and missing out on a good time for a call or maybe a hang out. Doing this shows the other person you have made them your everything and you’ll give up your life for them- umm no! Don’t do it, or you’ll find yourself doing this your entire life.

Keep it light, there is no need to rush to be in love or serious. Now I’m not saying go out and date everything that walks by, I’m just saying you don’t have to start planning a long term life and seeing what your names look like together on a wedding invitation. You’re just dating, getting to know the other person and more importantly getting to know yourself. The people you end up growing to be may not even like the person you’re dating now and who they grow to be.

Its okay to be rejected. Now I know there isn’t a single person alive that likes the feeling of being rejected, but it does build character, helps you in the long run and doesn’t last forever (unless you let it). If you pay attention to enough details to see it coming, jump first- you do the rejecting instead. No ones opinion matters but your own, so the faster you can brush it off and bounce back the better. Being rejected isn’t always a reflection of you, now how you handle it is.

After getting your heart broken, you will meet someone else, I assure you this is not the end of the world! Life goes on and so will you.

Always trust your gut, you ultimately know whats best for you and what you want. unfortunately at the high school age you can still be very impressionable. If something doesn’t feel right, go against what you believe, makes you uncomfortable or unhappy stand up for yourself and be willing to walk away.

Don’t be fooled by “I love you” these days, as it is, it hard even as an adult finding someone to trust is not easy. For whatever reason people think throwing I love you around is okay. If you’re one of these people doing it, I encourage you to stop immediately  Preying on someones emotions to benefit you can be a dangerous game.

I ask my followers, if you would write a letter to your 16 year old self about dating what would you say?


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