issues with the strip club

So after my post about tipping in the strip club a follower asked why women have such a problem with men being in the strip club?

Well, I’m gonna lay out a few reasons some (not all) women don’t like their guy in the strip club.

Wasting money- A lot of women see going to the strip club as a waste. Unless you’ve purchased that stripper for more than that one time occurrence  basically you just watched your hard earned money walk away, and for what? a 5 minute song? Its not something tangible that can be used more than once. Women will buy a thousand pairs of shoes, but she then owns those shoes, she can see, touch and wear every day if she’d like.

Lack of understanding- Women don’t always get guys and their hobbies, some women just don’t get it! they have no idea why you’re interested in seeing something that the exact same anatomy she has. Now ladies, you may have the same parts, but you’re probably not as entertaining. She doesn’t like it because she doesn’t understand it, simple.

Lastly, and most importantly. INSECURITY ok seriously, if she’s making a huge fuss its because she probably believes you’ve found something better at the club and becomes jealous that another female has your attention. Either she doesn’t trust you or she doubts her self as your girl.

Thats really it, those are the top reasons a female can have an issue. Girls, if hes coming back to you, please sit down, shut up and let him have his fun. You go out with your friends to do whatever right?


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