she wore what to the club?

So we need to explain mainly to the men about  whats being wore to the club and why by a female.  Now my partner & image consultant LaStrick will be diving into Forgot your Fashion Sense very soon so I wont go into what and how. I just want to take a quick second to say why. Know what when going out every outfit is usually thought out. Gentlemen here’s a little dose of truth, yes, its nice for you guys to notice but that’s just a bonus. Women don’t get dressed in the tightest dress and highest heels for you.  Its for other women, no not like that. We have to be the center of attention, the absolute best dressed and baddest female in the building, Women dress to out dress any other female there. I’d like to say it was more to it, but nope pretty simple. Women like to get compliments- from other women, women like to know their style is like no other and something that another woman likes because secretly its almost like that other woman wants what it is you’re rocking. So there, secret is out, that’s all. Moving right along .


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