between a rock & a hard place

Dear CommonSense,

I’m writing in hopes of  getting your advice. I’ve been dating this guy for over a year, recently his ex has moved back into the area and he has been spending some time with her too. To make a long story short last week he says he feel as though he is stuck between a rock & a hard place because he doesn’t know what to do, he loves us both. I really do love him but lately time that was before meant for me is taken away so he can see her. Can you help me? I’m the one feeling stuck. 

                                                                     -should I stay or go

Dear Should I stay,

Well the fact that you’re even questioning this in my opinion means you already know the answer. He is stuck because he’s looking for you to say its okay. You can love two people but cant be IN love with two people. He WANTS you both. The fact that he is willing to take time away from you to give to someone else sums up this whole situation. Now to answer your question, well, can you handle not being the only one? If you can then go ahead and accept his offer to bring someone else around but be willing for the possibility that she says no to being a trio and he leaves you. You’re stuck because your feelings are involved, but, you know what needs to be done. Now I cant tell you how to feel or act, but I can say this is some bull, this dude has already shown you that you weren’t that important, or this wouldn’t even be a topic. Stay if you want- but 1) it wont last long and 2) you’ll be the one looking foolish cause he’s gonna keep it moving.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 9, 2013 — 9:29 AM

    Drop the zero, get with a hero! Dude is messing the game up for us real pimps out here. He trying to do the Chris brown to you. You need to decide if your Rihanna or Karrueche. If you let him have his cake and eat it the nigga is definitely going to want to have ice cream with that. Don’t be the one kid who doesn’t get any ice cream when the ice cream man comes, all excited then left alone because you didn’t get any.

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