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So I need to address you over-sharing people. Be it from social media or word of mouth, I can not stress enough how you folks need to shut up. We all know some (and if you dont, I encourage you to ask because you just may be that person) who shares waaaayyyy too many details about their life.

Ladies, you birds stop telling your girls & the world how great your man is & everything he does for you. Now I know you’re wondering why if he makes you happy, and some of you feel you earned the right to put it in other females faces. That’s great, and then he’s sleeping with those same females! Why? Well because you oversold the package so much they had to try. If you tell someone everyday how good something is they will get intrgued at some point, now not all women will take your man, but most will at least peak through the window. Ever wonder why when men have a nice piece of arm candy, he will show pics and take her around every now and then, but its not often, not long & conversations are kept short. (Unless you’re ugly, then they don’t care cause they know you wont leave)

As much as people love to see & hear about others doing well they never ever want to see you doing better than them! Family, long term friends, even spouses. Its just something programmed in people, its a competitive nature. Nothing will fuel a hater more than seeing you succeed. They cant not wait & will even assist in you failing at some point. Why put that kind of pressure on yourself (& family) when you can just focus on you, what you’re doing and meeting your own goals & expectations.

I understand the feeling of accomplishment and wanting to share that excitement, you need to know who you can share that information with though. If you met your goal, then celebrate your way. As great as it is to have and become something you feel is worthy of sharing, a major reason you need to keep it to yourself is because there are others doing just as well and even better than you, not to discourage anyone but you need to remain humble about all accomplishments, and to keep you from getting your feelings hurt by someone who has already done and surpassed where you are, just keep it humble. Don’t go telling everyone everything about what it is you’re celebrating, most of the times you look stupid anyhow cause, your topic is irrelevant to them so they simply don’t care.

At the point you begin bragging, you’ve pretty much already lost the battle simply because you become obvious that you waited or even completed something for the opportunity to seem better or get recognition. Stop it!!!

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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 10:12 AM

    The problem is that most people, females especially, don’t realize how much they are like crabs in a barrel. You may achieve something great and want to share it with your friends or whomever, not knowing that more than likely they will smile in your face and even for a minute be happy for you. But once they feel that they hear how well your doing or how happy you are too much, that begins that hating stage. People in general are competitive, but some people are just sore losers. Many people especially women hate to see other women doing better than them or looking better them only because of their own insecurities. Think about it ladies, have you and your girls ever been at a place and instantly became a hater or envious or felt the need to talk about the next woman who walked into the room? There could be nothing wrong with her, and you will find something to say about her. Like look at her elbows or her nose don’t match her face. Just because she wears the outfit you wouldn’t pick or couldn’t fit for some don’t be mad. And for those women that think everyone is hating on them realize that, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe yellow, blue and orange all in one outfit doesn’t match, but if you like it do you and move on; don’t get mad cuz someone else thinks that wearing a skittle bag is ugly and you don’t. Lastly, stop doing stuff out of approval from the next person. Do it for yourself! Love Peace, and Afro grease!

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