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So I have heard over and over again, the best way to know if you can trust your mate or if they are cheating is to give phone, Twitter & Facebook account passwords. Okay listen, if for any reason at some point you believe you want to know, are entitled to, or sneaking to get passwords (listen carefully) you already know the answer!!!!! 

Why put your self through that? Regardless if you choose to acknowledge it or not the signs of any infidelity will always be there! Always, once you go searching for evidence, you’re digging for just that, something to prove what you already knew. So you can go looking around for this information but don’t be shocked if you find anything.

Now if you’re sneaking into this information, you too knew ahead of time. The big difference? You my stupid friend,really have no rights in the complaint department. First of all, you then become guilty of Identity Theft,  yep- real deal, anything happens and you’re suspected you then face the law. If you need to go snooping chances are they aren’t the one for you anyway. No one should have you feeling that insecure and unsure. Second, you went sneaking for this information, proving you already had no trust and how do you even justify “finding” out this information.

For some of you finding someone was hard enough and if you’re happy, for you its best you stay in the dark. If you don’t want the worst possible scenario just stay clear. 

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  1. Aaaaaah…..passwords…..the crazy thing I put a password on my phone for my nosey female acquaintances! Crazy Right! I thought so too. I’m in a new relationship and my nd have me his password, while I thought it was cute and sincere I did not return the favor mainly because I was never insecure and I would never go through his phone. I wondered if he was using this as the green light to get mine and go through my phone. I don’t have anything to hide so eventually I will get rid of the password altogether

  2. In the mean time I will hope for the best for all you confirmation seekers. Its crazy how you like breaking your own heart lol. Don’t things you find aren’t as they appear but you will assume, accuse, and acquire heartbreak. Stop snooping, remember what’s done in the dark will always come to light. If you need that much proof you already know the truth, just move on!!!

  3. 3rdLegKickStand May 27, 2013 — 6:45 PM

    Well snooping ppl are annoying. That being said I have snooped around before. Lmao… But that’s when I actually gave a fuck about things. Now as far as feeling unsure or threaten… 9 times out of 10 that is a personal problem. I had a girl go through my phone and we weren’t even together… (Come on really) but people are so afraid of being hurt that they slowly kill themselves to get to the bottom of thing. So unlike drake, (they started from the bottom, felt the high/rush of “love” became a loser and now they “here” which is back at the bottom) relationships are risks anyways. If you are that afraid then I have the easiest answer for you… Stay single. Peace!

  4. Plus if you are kicking it with someone, assume they have someone else they’re talking to as well. If its meant to be everything else will cease in due time. I had a dude go through by phone, so not cool. I couldn’t look at him the same afterwards.

  5. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 10:21 AM

    My take is, if you look for trouble that’s what you will find. If you ask for passwords with the intent to find out if your mate is cheating or doing dirt; more than likely that’s what you find. What will happen is that you will start to look for things and see things that may not even be there because your mind has already made up the presumptuous thought that they are doing some type of wrong. Also it’s childish… A real pimp tells his hoes the truth, If a dude is going to cheat he doesn’t need Facebook, twitter, and all that other social media BS. Pimping has been going on since the stone age. I can say right now ok honey I’m going to work. Now unless you following me to work or have a camera on me, you have no idea what I’m doing from 9-5. My thing is that the truth will come to the light no matter how much you dig. So stop dealing with the fake pimps that think they are playing you when they are only playing themselves. Peep game from the get go and you won’t have to ask for no passwords. The only pass word you will need is to pass on the word to my other chick, if she don’t have my money by 9, that a** is mine!

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