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Can people change? I’ve heard time and time again, once a thief, cheater, crook always one. Personally, I believe people can indeed change, however, it will take work, determination & persistence. It takes a person to want, down deep, to change. A big part of change is acceptance. Acceptance of possibly hurting others, and accepting faults that may come along with the journey to change. The second you begin to change, people will naturally move away from you, when its not benefiting them or who they want you to be. that just lets you know who they were & their motives to begin with.

Once a person decides to change, it has to be their choice, for themselves. If you change for someone else, It. will. fail. Probably the worse situation is changing who you are for a relationship. At the point you make yourself something to fit the mold for another person, you are no longer, you. Your identity is left, lost and over.

A great portion is habitual, a person gets into a rhythm and process that seemingly works & is comfortable for them, so its easy to stick with it. However, with that comfort, when you know, its time to change, and you’re ready at the core to make a change, time to start walking. If a person says they want to change, and don’t its because they don’t actually want to, what they fail to realize is the power in words. Most of the time now, people will say whatever, to whomever, to get them to shut up or believe what you’re selling.

Really, at what point do you get tired of saying the same thing, getting the same results, and doing the same thing? If it works for you, doesn’t negatively effect others, and makes you feel whole, then keep doing you, just watch your words. If you don’t intend to change, then don’t say it.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 11:18 AM

    People can change I believe, but it has to be in them. It takes 30 days to form a habit, so how long do you think it will take to break it? Many times people just talk about what they want to do instead of writing it down and taking action. It takes something drastic usually for a person to change. But hey that’s life. Love Peace and Afro Grease!

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