traveling in claimed territory

Its often said how you are never more attractive until you’re taken. I had someone to ask why that is and there are a few reasons why someone who is already claimed have a line around the block.  In some cases its a ‘mine’ attitude, someone just wants to know they can have you and no one else. In the same way a dog will pee on every single tree it passes, just because it wants to mark its territory, certain people just want to collect and have just to have marked as their own.

Married women & men, come with medium risk and low expectation. Guys like approaching married women 9 times out of 10 for sex. Men who date married women have it figured out, there’s no commitment, necessary time, usually based solely on words, and no real effort to put in. Easy.

Women dating married men in most cases never work out. Women tend to allow emotions to get involved, and end up being hurt or ending unsuccessful.  Dating (or sleeping with) someone you know is already taken goes back to my ‘the ‘honest’ cheater’ post, these are situations when you know very well you will never be a priority and there is no commitment, and you accept those terms when you get involved. The main rule in this game is, that you’re not allowed any real emotion. There is no texting, calling, dates, anything, that causes intimate relations (other than sex) because you’re not entitled to the perks of that position and you’ve accepted the terms of what you sign up for, which is to be the jump-off.

Now don’t get me wrong, the jump-offs get some (monetary) perks, hush money, gifts, trips, and a lavish lifestyle to make you feel like you’re important. Here is the issue, over time, you get comfortable and forget the rules of your position, and then need to be replaced, remember if he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you. You birds don’t let Olivia Pope get you killed, that’s scripted, life doesn’t work out for you side chicks like that.

In many cases, people like to feel a sense of importance, which is why they go after a someone already taken, its an ego thing, knowing they can take something. I think up next we need to break down the rules of the jump-off, and what it is to be the jump-off.



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  1. I think the taken parties also give off a confidence that most single ppl don’t have. It draws ppl to them. I was only off the market a couple hours before I got the deep I miss you, love you, dont want to live without you texts. Pure comedy….
    Lmbo at you going old school with the side chick name. Jump-off! Maybe we should start calling them this again and it may help then to clearly understand their role.

  2. 3rdLegKickStand May 28, 2013 — 9:05 AM

    Ha!!! Jump offs?! Priceless. Messing around with taken ppl is very tricky business. I try to just stay away from itt in general. Someone always gets hurt.

    I remember when I was the side guy but thought I was the only one. She lied about it and everything. She ended up catching feelings and then told me that she had a boyfriend but he didn’t matter anymore and she wanted me. -___- (UGH I hate that hoe.) But yea I told her to kick rocks with no shoes on. And she went and told her man that I kept hitting on her (or some crazy stuff.) That tool came up to me on some reckless stuff and tried to fight, then I asked him a few questions.
    1. For me to hit on her all the time, we have to see eachother often. Where does your girl work? Him: “she don’t work.”

    2. O ok well then where did she say we met? Him: *no answer*

    3. Did she tell you we were having sexual relations and she wanted to leave you for me? Him: “what”

    That shit blew up in her face though. Although it ended pretty bad for her, my mans got hurt too. Messing with taken ppl is just too much boiling drama. And Karma is a bitch! A nasty one too. Rather not be on the receiving end of one of her rampages. Peace

  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and the rest of the website is extremely good.

  4. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 11:14 AM

    Again, the tongue is the most powerful weapon in the world. If your game is tight you don’t have to worry about your chick going astray. Now for men, we love a challenge even if it is an evil knowingly wrong challenge. So when we see a woman is married, we sometimes will test our skills to find out hmmm I wonder if i’m that good to where i can snag a married one. Thus the challenge begins.Now for women it’s a little different. Depending on if you are the married one cheating or the jumpoff determines your motive. Most married women who cheat are lacking something in there marriage or are not happy with it therefore seek it elsewhere. Those that are not married but mess with married guys usually fall into your groupie category under the specific classification of “waterheads.” Why waterheads? Well let me tell you… What does water usually do, quench your thirst. What is water a “simple” combination of H2O. How much does it cost? It’s pretty cheap at the grocery store, two for a dollar at some gas stations. So basically, it is a thirsty female, that is a simple or basic Hoe, that can be won over cheaply with inexpensive items. Hence the term. All I’m saying is don’t be a statistic

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