He’s so ambitious

Ladies, lets talk about the ambitious man. The one with a plan, dreams and ability. Util he show & proves, you birds need to slow your hot ass down!

We already know a man will put his best foot forward to get your attention. Just because a man has dreams, ambition and talks a good game, doesn’t mean he can deliver! He’ll sell you a dream, and you’ll fall for the words, and that’s it. First of all, get yourself some goals, so you know what it looks like when you’re approached and stop just looking for a trophy man.

You bums need to work in silence aka shut the fuxk up! Stop talking so much, every body don’t need to know everything about your your plans.  Y’all are stupid using what you have to attract a female anyway, that wont get you a Clare Huxtable. Don’t get me wrong, ambition is great, but it should in no way be the entire package. A man can have a plan to live a lavish life, however, not all plans are successful.The downside to falling for a man based on his ambition, you’ll be stuck looking stupid on more than 1 occasion. There is one drawback to dating an ambitious man though, until he finds exactly what works ladies you need to be prepared to always come after his dream. You will without a doubt spend a good amount of time without him around and hear how he is just trying to make his dream come true. Until a man becomes who he sets out & destined to be he will never commit to you, and if you crush his dreams and try to force him to be with you, putting aside his dreams, he will either hate you for it, or get fed up and go after what he wants without you. Now he’ll come around enough to stick & move, but that’s in his nature, and you’re there, however after hes ‘put it on you’ he will be right back out the door. 

The ambitious man means well, although his plans aren’t always successful, this is who he is, support him. At some point something will transpire and spark real movement within him. Ambitious man, its time to start putting one foot in front of another and actually live up to all these ideas you have.

Fellas, the only thing you clowns with money can attract is a broke bitxh! Believe you have the ability to make time for who & what you want, a real female on top of her game will make time for you, a bird looking for a come-up has nothing but time, know the difference.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 11:30 AM

    See this is why my game stay tight. I can sell water to a well, I can sell ice to an Eskimo. I don’t sell you no pipe dream, I deliver. The thing is, everyone has to have a dream or goal and ambition, otherwise we would all be lazy bums just hoping for something to happen. Ladies if your dude is pushing everyday to make something happen why not be there to help push? If this dude is ambitious enough to at least put forth an effort why not lend a helping hand. If he was already rich and successful, what makes you think he is going to want your I’m content with mediocracy ass. Granted some dudes will talk a good game and not deliver, true. Those are the ones you have to watch for. Some dudes are ambitious and just haven’t hit there mark yet, so it’s not he’s selling you a dream. He just hasn’t quite made it to that point, and if you were really down with him you would help him to have a back-up plan or find a way to incorporate your dream or goal in alliance with his to work as a unit. I’m not saying let his goals become yours, but find a way for you two to work together and achieve more. T.E.A.M © = Together Each Achieves More! This is copyrighted by the way, don’t take my ish!

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