Drinks For Dad

You guys know I love my cocktails, here are some fav’s for the men

Savannah Cocktail Club

Not sure which cocktails to make for Father’s Day?  Here is a list for our favourite dads.


whiskey smash


The Old-Fashioned Dad:    He knows the difference between whiskey and bourbon and prefers simple cocktails. Whether he is an old dad or a new dad, who has just discovered the classics, make him a whiskey smash.   He’ll enjoy the fresh mix of whiskey and mint.

Recipe :  Whiskey Smash


bowl of fresh limes


The Free-Spirited Dad:   His favourite vacation is a trip to the sea.   He can tell you the names of the original Wailers and won’t let you recycle his floral shirts.  Go tropical and make this dad a lime cocktail, a blend of lime, rum and brown sugar.

Recipe :   Summer Lime Cocktail


mango margarita


The Backyard Dad:    The backyard is his refuge.  Just don’t ask when he’s going to mow the lawn.  Buy some…

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