time you need to leave the club

When you go out if your main goal is to find a seat (and never leave it) or must always lean on the bar you need to just stay home, now ladies I know we wear shoes sometimes that are just for show, and never walk around, but when you already have it made up in your mind to get there early enough to have a seat, its probably time to let it go.

Will there be food, I don’t mean food you can order from the bar, (and pay for) but if you are looking for a full course meal, not only are you going to be disappointed but realistically you need to realize, no one really caters parties like that anymore, but you know if the main reason you’re excited to go is because there will be food, you may be out of your comfort zone.

Cant bounce back from drinking, if one or two drinks has you sleeping in til noon, headache and in a vampire state of mind, you should quit. You are no longer in your prime, you cant drink like a fish and try to get up anymore, sip your one drink and leave the heavy stuff to a body that can handle that.

You can point out younger generations that are “doing too much” when at one point you were one of those people. Okay old people, we know how much you dislike the younger generations, how they dress & music they listen to, but what I don’t get, if you hate is so much, why are you trying to go hang out where they are the majority?

The price of a drink damn near scares you, okay, going out can be expensive, for anyone, but if you get to complaining and comparing drink prices, it’s clearly been a while since you’ve been out and need to just stay home because it doesn’t really get any better.

Now as long as you have it in you, I’m not saying you shouldn’t party or you’re ever too old to party, you just need to change the dynamics in which you party, this starts by first recognizing you may be too old to be in the places that are filled with people the same age as your kids/grand kids, I know I’m always creeped out by the obviously old guy at the bar.



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  1. 3rdLegKickStand June 19, 2013 — 9:45 AM

    Apimpnamedslickback is that old guy at the bar. But I feel you I’m out of my party age. Lol

    • LOL!!!!! I don’t think you can lose a party age, I just think it changes. You shouldn’t be 30 at an 18+ joint, if you collect social security I don’t think you should be downtown at the club, find fun that can fit you.

      • 3rdLegKickStand June 21, 2013 — 7:25 AM

        Lol well we already discussed that. At home with a friend or two with snacks movies and drinks. Which reminds me… When are we making that happen?

  2. I can no longer wrap my mind around going out just to drink and socialize when I’m not social to begin with. The dumb stuff we do. Lol

  3. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:34 PM

    Hey, sometimes I like to pay $10 to people watch and hear music. You will be surprised what you will see. Hey and sometimes you can’t be the only one dancing non stop. And 3rdleg is the one creepy guy at the club walking up to girls saying “hey you, you will be my wife (shoots blow dart)”. But naw, posting up at the club is wack. And a problem I see often is females wearing these short tight outfits but then just dance with each other. B*%&h! Stay yo a** at home and invite your friends over if y’all want to grind on each other, otherwise give a dude a dance.

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