Cracking the code; female edition

Okay ladies, sometimes we need a little help, here is one of those times. Now a lot of times men will just let stuff fly out of their mouths with no filter, its not always intentional to sound like an asshole it just happens. There is one good thing to men not thinking before they speak though, you’ll get the information the way it is, you’ll always know when a man is making an effort to say something nicely or without hurting your feelings, it’s weird, and obvious he’s tip toeing around certain things.

Ladies, when a man speaks, this is the time to simply shut up and listen, you may not be completely interested, but you want him to listen to you right? This goes both ways! The reason you need to listen because whatever it is he’s bringing up is of importance (even if just to him) men don’t just bring up topics for casual conversation, there’s something he wants you to get out of what he is saying. A lot of times men don’t want to ask for anything, but they will mention it hoping you’ll get it or you’ll ask if he wants you involved.

Even when a man is lying, and you know he’s lying, know that built on every lie is an ounce of truth, you’ve just gotta listen! Here’s the difference: women use words to process their feelings, often wallowing in emotions without reaching resolution. Men state their feelings and use words to achieve resolution.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:29 PM

    Exactly, we don’t talk to just hear ourselves like some of you women. But on the flip side, sometimes we don’t want to hear y’all talk. We like silence every now and then.

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