celebrity impressions

As I begin having conversations with women around my age group it appears the model example used for a great relationships lie within that of a celebrity couple, where I cant help but realize you birds are delusional.

In order to first have a celebrity (type) relationship- you need to be a celebrity, there’s the first mistake, cause most of you aren’t even known in the grocery store. Ok let me back up, regardless of if they are positive or not, like it or not celebrities are in some form role models, so its fitting they are being looked up to. Celebrities have reached a level of success that the average person hasn’t and probably won’t, however they still put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. One thing some of you do have in common, you’ll stick with someone just because it looks good, people say you’d be cute together and you’ll go along with it for the look, just like a lot of celebrities, some of those are business deals, so before you put too much faith into a life you’ll never achieve know whats real. 

The thing about celebrities, “reality show” or not, there are parts of their lives in which the cameras turn off! There has been an entire team hired to ensure their lives look in top shape, there is a lot of editing, cutting and writing around what you will be seeing. You clowns don’t have that- welcome to reality! A lot of you confuse the relationship for the lifestyle, there is a difference. In my opinion people who are constantly looking to be like a celebrity aren’t happy with themselves and the life they have. You want a relationship like theirs, then do what they do, get a team who will do nothing but ensure your relationship goes perfect. Oh wait, then there’s the newsflash- celebrities get divorced too.

All I’m saying, is focus on whats real around you, have realistic expectations and reality that pertains to your life.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:36 PM

    The problem is, ignorant females watching other ignorant females with more money than them. To be honest many of them didn’t get there on they own, hence the name “Basketball wives” take out the keyword basketball then what do you have? Just another wife of an actual celebrity.

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